BLU Committee Meeting: Tuesday, June 14

Help plan the future of your school.

What do you think our school should be like in the future? Are you worried about what will happen during construction? We’re proud of our school and of the people that make it a community. Help us make sure we end up with a school that serves our community even better in the years to come.

The Building and Land Use Committee was set up by School Council to give our school community a way to discuss and prioritize our needs in any redevelopment of our school. We have two representatives on the Board’s Local Design Team (LDT). Our LDT reps need your help to ensure they know what matters most to our school community.

The Committee’s next meeting is:

Tuesday, June 14th at 6:45 PM
TLC Conference Room, 3rd Floor of the school
(Back central doors open 6:40 – 7:00 PM)

Preliminary meeting agenda:

  1. Review and vote on previous meeting’s minutes.
  2. Update on Committee Chair and Vice Chair change.
  3. Update on the first TDSB Local Design Team (LDT) meeting, which took place on Tuesday, May 31st.
  4. Discuss next steps in dealing with the LDT and other redevelopment stakeholders.
  5. Discuss our communication with the school community.
  6. Other Business. Any BLU Committee member, and anyone else attending the meeting, may bring up a topic for the committee to discuss.

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