Change is coming to our school

The TDSB has begun a formal process intended to redevelop the Davisville school site. Parent and school community feedback is the first step in this process. This school year, important school redevelopment decisions will be made about what kind of school, playground and school neighbourhood we will have in the future.

The Building and Land Use Committee was set up by School Council to give our school community a way to discuss and prioritize our needs in any redevelopment of our school.

Join us at our next meeting to find out more:

Tuesday, September 13th at 6:45 PM
Staff Room – Main Floor
(Back central doors open 6:30 – 7:00 PM)
After you enter the school, turn right down the hall. The staff room is on the right side.

Preliminary meeting agenda:

  1. Review and vote on previous meeting’s minutes.
  2. Update from Councillor Josh Matlow on his work in the school redevelopment process. Please note: Josh’s availability is subject to change.
  3. Presentation by Terry Mills on his experience with development projects in the area. Terry was an advisor in the community response to the Berwick development south of Yonge and Eglinton and was part of the group that recently took the Neon project (just north of Yonge and Eglinton) to the OMB.
  4. Report on the tours of three redeveloped schools done June 23 and 24, 2011.
  5. Discuss next steps in dealing with the Board’s LSCDT and other redevelopment stakeholders. In particular, we will discuss the timeline for providing the Board with our list of needs and wants.
  6. Update and discussion on communication with the school community. Among other things, we now have a Davisville Parents Facebook page and a Twitter account.
  7. Other Business. Any BLU Committee member, and anyone else attending the meeting, may bring up a topic for the committee to discuss.

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