School Council Election and Meeting Tonight!

Davisville/MTSD School Council elections take place this evening, Tuesday, September 27th, 6:45 – 8:00 PM! Babysitting will be provided and the meeting will take place in Toronto Lands Corporation Board Room, on the 3rd Floor of our school. It’s easy to find and signs will posted to guide you. Please use the center doors off the playground, labeled door 4, to enter the school. (These are the same doors we used to enter the school last Thursday for Curriculum Night after the Welcome Back BBQ).

Tonight’s the night to get involved! Even if you’re not sure you’re ready to join our school council, this evening’s meeting is a great opportunity to give us your ideas for events and activities for this school year.

If you’re interested in volunteering from time-to-time, come to the meeting this evening to talk with us about how you you can get involved. Your children and your school need your help.

School council includes parent volunteers, our principal, Tricia Boyce, a teacher rep, and staff, all of whom help to organize events and fun activities for our kids, help with the flow of information within the school community and do many other things throughout the school year.

Are you new to Davisville or MTSD this year? Please don’t let that stop you from getting involved! Our school can benefit from your experience and skills!

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