Davisville Green Space

Davisville Community Garden

As part of our goal to create a nurturing, stimulating and ecologically literate school for our children, the Davisville Eco-Schools committee is researching the possibility of creating a new outdoor learning space/garden on the school grounds.

The development of this new space is a major undertaking and we will be looking at ideas for planting trees, recreating natural wildlife habitats, and creating integrative seating and play areas.

To be successful we need the support and effort of the entire school community. Over the next month we will be collecting information and ideas from our students and teachers. As parents, we welcome your input and involvement in this project as well. We want to hear from you!

Thoughts, comments and insights can be left on the Eco-Schools page of this site. If you would like to be formally involved in the creation of the garden learning space please indicate this in your message and you will be put on the e-mail list for future correspondence.

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  1. Great opportunity.
    I would be glad to help in any brainstorming or design consultation.

  2. This is such a great idea! I hope more schools will take advantage of this opportunity to make money AND teach students about taking better care of our planet.

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