The Future of our School…

… is being discussed with the TDSB now.

The Building and Land Use Committee was set up by School Council to give our school community a way to discuss and prioritize our needs in any redevelopment of our school. We have two representatives on the Board’s Local School and Community Design Team (LSCDT). Our LSCDT reps need to hear from you be sure they know what matters most to our school community.

The TDSB has begun a formal process intended to redevelop the Davisville school site. Important decisions will be made in the next few weeks. Now is the time for you to tell us what you want and need for your school – this is a once in 50+ years opportunity.

Join us for our next meeting:
Monday, November 28th at 6:45 PM
Staff Room – Main Floor
Back central doors off the playground (door 4) open 6:30 – 7:00 PM

Can’t come to the meeting? Be sure to take 5 minutes and fill out our survey! Start by clicking the grey button labeled “TELL US WHAT OUR SCHOOL NEEDS” on the right sidebar of this website.

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