Wear pink on Wednesday, April 11th to show your support against bullying

One of the situations that can confront students at any age is that of being bullied or observing someone else being bullied. The TDSB already has a strong mandate against bullying and intolerance in schools and in the workplace.
To further recognize and to stand up against bullying, April 11 has been designated as Pink Day. This day is based on the actions in 2007 of two Nova Scotia Grade 12 students who marshalled their friends to wear pink in support of a younger student who had been bullied for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school. The e-mail campaign mounted by the older students resulted in not just 50 of their friends but in hundreds of students turning up the next day wearing pink in support of the bullied student.
The Pink Day that started in a Nova Scotia high school has now spread across Canada. TDSB schools have participated in Pink Day celebrations for several years, but this is the third year we are supporting anti-bullying through a Board-wide call to action. We urge every school and every staff member and student to join the anti-bullying campaign by wearing pink on Wednesday, April 11. Show your support against bullying and for tolerance.

For more information about Pink Day, visit http://www.dayofpink.org/

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