Earth Week Assembly – Green Day

Oh, what an Earth Week!  The teachers and eco-club have done a fantastic job teaching the Davisville community about the importance of stewarding a healthy planet.   We raised almost $300 through the bake sale, had half our classes win the ABC/JSA Day Golden Shoe and have some pretty amazing doors decorated with materials that were destined for landfill. But it seems they have save the best for last!

Tomorrow is the big Earth Week assembly.  The children will be entertained and educated with: a fun skit about the 3Rs; a documentary produced (under the watchful eye of T.Murdoch!) showcasing how everyone can save the earth; and, a guest speaker, Rebecca Sweetman.  Rebecca is the founder of the Paradigm Shift Project a charity that creates educational documentary resources.  She has managed to partner us with the Green School in Bali to create a giant puzzle made from puzzle pieces upon which our children have drawn pictures of what kind of change they would like to create in the world.   If you would like more information on the Paradigm Shift Project, please visit

Later on in the day, the children will also take part in the 20 Minute clean-up.

It would be wonderful if you could send your child to school in green clothing to help us celebrate Green Day!

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