Redevelopment Town Hall Tonight!

For all Davisville-MTSD and Spectrum Parents:

Please attend tonight’s meeting, Monday June 18th at 7pm in the Gym.

This meeting is one of our most important ever. This is for all interested parents to learn about the potential future redevelopment at Davisville PS.

Our TDSB Trustee, Shelley Laskin, and TDSB staff will be present to provide information and answer questions.

Don’t miss this informative presentation and question period.
Childcare will be provided.

We hope to see you there!
Davisville Building & Land Use Committee

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  1. Are there any preliminary drawings we can see in advance of tonight’s meeting? Might help us to prepare any questions/comments.

  2. We don’t have that available, sorry. There will be questionnaires handed out at the meeting so that we can gather any questions and concerns people have. Answers to any questions asked this way will be publicized on our website and by email.

  3. i heard that there was a fullout powerpoint presentation — when will the parents/community have electronic access to it/details held within?

    • There are 5 sign boards on display in the front lobby that contain the bulk of the information presented on Monday night. We do not have the PowerPoint.

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