Magazine Fundraiser Around the Corner! Please support!


Each year, we hold our QSP magazine subscription fundraiser to raise money to benefit our students.  The success of the program depends on your participation.

Please save your magazine subscription renewals for our sale.  It is only when you renew directly through our program that our school receives any profit from your order.  (In other words, please ignore reminders to renew from the magazine publishers and order using this method!)

If you are keen to renew before the official Davisville / MTSD campaign begins, you can support us today by shopping online!  It’s easy . . . visit!  Here you will be prompted to select a school to support so be sure to choose DAVISVILLE / MTSD so our school gets the credit.

As in past years, students will be eligible for incentive prizes associated with their sales. All early orders will count towards your child’s rewards so be sure to input his/her name!

And customer service is always available by calling QSP directly at  1-800-667-2536

Thank you and stay tuned for more details in the fall. Enjoy the last week of summer!

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