Our QSP Magazine Fundraiser is OFFICIALLY underway!

The QSP magazine fundraiser has begun!  Let the games begin!

Further to the many details sent home in your child’s backpack and the assembly they attended on October 2nd at school, we thought it would be helpful to have some easy-to-access links to simplify your efforts!

To shop right now or to register your student, go to: www.qsp.ca/profile/tvnd

Registering your student is an important step as it: 1) allows you to send emails to friends/family to ask them to support the fundraiser; and, 2) ensures that your child(ren) gets credit for the magazines they sell – which will earn them incentive prizes.

The above link takes you directly to the fundraising campaign for our school. If, however, you are prompted to select a school, be sure to search for and select “Davisville Public” to make sure we get all of the fundraising dollars that are due to us! Thanks.  Similarly, if you or your supporters are prompted to identify the student they are supporting, your child must be referenced to earn incentives.

Thank you for any and all of the effort you and your child(ren) can put towards this important fundraiser for the Davisville / MTSD community!

If you have questions about placing and/or checking the status of an order, QSP customer service can be reached at 1-800-667-2536.  If you have any questions about our school’s fundraiser, please contact wendy-chong (AT) rogers.com.

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