Eco-Committee Announcement

Last week was the official launch of TDSBs Eco-Schools.  It was an inspiring meeting filled with ideas to help us meet our goals going forward with the eco-schools programme despite the teachers “pause”.  Davisville is very fortunate to have dedicated staff that are working hard from within to promote ecological literacy, environmentally sensitive purchases and keep on top of energy usage and waste minimization.  

As parents and members of the community at large, we are encouraged to get involved as much as we can to create a greener, more dynamic and creative environment for our children and neighbours.  To meet these expectations, the eco-committee will be working hard on numerous environmentally themed projects both inside and outside Davisville Jr Public School/Spectrum School.  These include:

School Grounds:

  • Continued development & maintenance of an Outdoor Classroom;
  • Creation of major art installation, ABC/JSA Days


  • Lunch Hour Green Team;
  • Web-site development (with the staff).

These projects require communication, research, coordination, fundraising, and in some cases, manual labour!  If you would like to get involved with any (or all) of the projects above, please contact me via this web-site or find me at the next official ABC/JSA Day (November 14th!).  Any level of participation would be appreciated.  

Thank you!

Susan Bakshi

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