Eco Schools Update

March marks the run up to lots of eco-oriented events that our students can take part in at home as well as at school.

This week we celebrate Water Week.  A great opportunity to talk to children about the importance and value of clean, fresh water.  If you are looking for ideas to get the conversation started, the ENGO Ecologos is putting on “Water Docs” Film festival at the AGO from March 21st to 24th.  Check out the line up of films at . TVO is marking Water Week with an extensive lineup of water themed programs and activities.  See for more details. The Water Brothers site ( ) is also a great resource.

Wednesday, March 20th Davisville JPS will have it’s monthly Anything But Car Day celebration!  While we hope that all our families will walk, bike or transit every Wednesday, once a month we celebrate our decision to leave our cars at home and stamp the children’s hands and have them sign the pavement.

Earth Hour 2013 is on Saturday, March 23rd.  Last year hundreds of millions of people participated in this amazing symbolic movement – pressing world leaders, businesses and individuals to act on climate change.  Turn off your lights from 8:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. and help keep the message strong!  Go to for more information.

On Friday from 2-3pm we will be having an Earth Hour at school where the lights will be turned off and we will be participating as a school in the classrooms.

As most people are aware, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd.  Last year Davisville had an entire week of eco-activities that were a huge success.  Planning is now underway for our Earth Week 2013.  This year we will be working on a recycled art installation created by our students and families.  The installation will be a “garden” created from materials that might otherwise be going into our recycling or garbage bins.  The “garden” will be mounted on the fence for the entire community to enjoy.  If you would like to participate please go to and click on the recycled art board.  There are numerous examples of garden flora and fauna you can make from yogurt containers, pop bottles, cans, etc. . Once you have created a piece, please contact me at for information on where to drop off your artwork.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to get more involved in the Eco-Schools committee, please contact me at We are always looking for extra hands and creative ideas to green our school and promote ecological literacy in the classroom.


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  1. Last Saturday, my son, Kaezen (grade 5, Ms. Harte’s class) and I listened to Rob Stewart, the filmmaker to made “Sharkwater” and now “REvolution” speak passionately about the need to educate our kids about the dire situation our Earth — and ALL life on it — is in right now. From seeing the trailers, “REvolution” promises to be a film as sobering but inspiring and hopeful as “Sharkwater” and it has just opened in theatres. I think a school-wide field trip to see “REvolution” would be the most fitting Earth Week activity!

  2. Hi Edie,
    It would be wonderful for the children to see REvolution! Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to organise a field trip in time, but interested families can go to for more information on the movie and for show times.

    We are talking with Planet in Focus ( and they may be coming to the Earth Day Assembly to screen a film and talk to the kids.


    • Hi Susan!

      That would be great if Planet in Focus could come to screen one of their films and speak with the kids – sounds like a great organization!

      Maybe, once REvolution is released as a DVD, we could show it to the whole school too!



  3. That’s a great idea!

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