Lunch Program Starts up September 24th!

After a very successful launch of a lunch program last year, Davisville PS is renewing its partnership with FoodShare for 2013-2014.  The Good Food Cafe will run every Tuesday and Thursday beginning September 24th.  As with last year the lunches will be high in nutrition and as low in cost as possible ($4 per lunch).  You can sign up for as many lunches as you wish.  All meals are nut free and halal.    

Children will be going home with order forms on Monday and we encourage families to get the orders and payment back to the school as soon as possible.  Forms are also available on this site.  

Bon Appétit!


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  2. Will the lunch program be available for JK and SK kids?

  3. Will more days, other than Tues and Thurs, be offered in the future?

  4. Soizic Reynal de St Michel

    I have not received a new form for hot lunches beyond October 10. Are they coming soon?

    • This round goes until October 31st, so you are covered for the next couple of weeks! (If you look at the form, you will see the dates are in two columns.)

      FoodShare is finalising the menu for the next round. We should be sending out the order forms for these lunches soon.

  5. I noticed that the new forms (for Nov and Dec) says that the FoodShare program will be running every Tuesday and Thursday but then misses some of the days in the sign up portion – namely November 14, 21 and 28. Was this an error? I presume there is a FoodShare program running those days? We may want to reissue the form to make sure parents pay for and are aware of those days?

    Also, it would seem that we have a FoodShare day on December 19th – which is also pizza lunch day? Will both programs be running that day? Or will we be rescheduling the pizza lunch day that week?


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