Extra-curricular activities are back!

After a short hiatus last school year, extra-curricular activities are back in full form this year! The teachers at Davisville P.S. are offering a ton of great extra activities for our kids at lunch, recess and after school.

For those of you who have kids who are a little less than forthcoming about what is happening at school, here’s an overview of the many activities currently on offer:

  • Kilometer Club – Grades 1-6 – September
  • Cross-Country – Ms. Harnick and Ms. Harte – Grades 1-6, Sept. – Oct. 7
  • Slo-Pitch – Mme Rogers and Ms. Harnick – Grades 4-6, Sept. – Oct. 4
  • Co-Ed Flag Rugby – Ms. Piccione – Grades 4-6, Sept – Oct.
  • Paper Engineering – Ms. Rawlinson – Grades 3-6, late Sept. – Dec.
  • Acrobatics – Ms. Mitchell – Grades 3-6, starting in October
  • Girls’ Basketball – Ms. Piccione and Mme Cenac – Grades 4-6, Oct. – Dec.
  • Boys’ Volleyball – Ms. Robb and Ms. Kam – Grades 4-6, Oct. – Dec.
  • Calligraphy 101 – Ms. Chong – Grades 1 and 2, starting in November
  • Calligraphy – Ms. Chong – Grades 3 – 6, starting in November

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  1. Are there forms to fill out for these extra curricular programs? How do the kids register to participate? Thanks.

  2. Hi Danielle, these are the teacher-run, in-school extra-curricular activities. There are no forms for these activities. The teachers announce them at school and let the kids know when and where to meet if interested, and the kids just show up if they want to participate. (The after-school and lunch programs that are run by third-parties do all have forms, and you can find those on the links page of the website.)

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