French Immersion Open House for families of kindergarten students

The application process for Early French Immersion opened this week on January 6. The deadline for applications is January 30, 2014. All JK students should have received a bright pink information package this past week.

There will be an information session on Wednesday, January 15 at 6:30 p.m. Staff will be presenting in the gym. Please note: childcare is not available for this Open House.

Senior Kindergarten is the only time your child can begin in the Early Immersion program. All placements into French Immersion programs are based on your home address (this will impact you if Davisville is not your home school by address). To find the French Immersion school for your area, please visit the following website and enter the name of your English school in the designated search window:

Applications are now on-line for September 2014. There is NO paper registration option. Please visit the application site On-time applicants will be offered a placement online via the email address you have provided. You MUST take action to accept this placement by the deadline requested when you are offered a placement. THE SCHOOL DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR INFORMATION UNTIL AN OFFER HAS BEEN ACCEPTED. ALL QUESTIONS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO THE FRENCH DEPARTMENT.

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