Ask Your Provincial Candidate Questions About Education Funding

This Thursday is election day in Ontario.

Underfunding of education in Toronto has not been on the radar of the major political parties, yet Toronto kids are substantially disadvantaged compared to the rest of the province. For example, the provincial government recently allocated only 1.7% of new capital funding to Toronto, even though our city has 12% of the province’s population.

As the Chair of the TDSB, Chris Bolton, said, “Toronto is the fastest growing municipality in all of Ontario… We should be getting our fair share of provincial funding.

The negative impact of this funding shortfall is growing. Our school council chair, Sarah Miller, has written to the major party candidates in St. Paul’s to highlight the challenges we face. She also asked for their commitment to raise funding and erase this serious shortfall that has our kids – and all Toronto kids – at a disadvantage compared to the rest of the province.

You can help!

Ask the candidates by email if they will commit to being a champion within their party to ensure that Toronto schools are not disadvantaged.

Let your candidates know some or all of the following points:

  • Our community is growing, from young families moving into houses and from the many condos that have recently been built, plus the arrival of immigrants in Toronto.
  • Our building has capacity for 384 students. Today, 512 students are enrolled and the projected enrollment for 2016 is 668 students.
  • The existing school is in need of significant repairs and renovations. The cost of these repairs is nearing the cost of a new school building.
  • In March 2014, the Ministry announced its approved list of capital projects. TDSB schools only received $11.9 million of a total $700 million, to be used specifically on only one of six approved projects. The TDSB was not even given permission to rebuild Davisville.
  • Over the past five years, our community has developed and endorsed a redevelopment strategy that would help pay for a new school, yet the Ministry of Education did not approve the project.

Major Party Candidate Contact Info:

Liberal Candidate: Dr. Eric Hoskins

PC candidate: Justine Deluce

NDP candidate: Luke Savage

For Davisville Parents in Premier Wynne’s Riding:

Please click here to email the premier at her constituency office.

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