Eric Hoskins Responds on Funding Toronto Schools

The Liberal Candidate in St. Paul’s, Eric Hoskins, has responded to a letter from our school council chair, Sarah Miller. In her letters to each of the major party candidates in St. Paul’s, Sarah asked for a commitment from each that they would:

  1. commit to ensuring that children in Toronto will be given the same opportunity to learn in facilities that meet their needs, with capital allocation and policies designed to take into account the requirements of dense, urban areas
  2. commit to being a champion within (their) party to ensure that Toronto schools are not disadvantaged

Liberal Candidate Eric Hoskins’ response appears below:

Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns about Davisville Public School. I share your concerns and as a champion for the schools in St. Paul’s I take this issue very seriously. The capacity and future development of Davisville school is a priority for me and I agree with your assessment.

The Ministry of Education staff understands that the Davisville Public School redevelopment is a complex project. The capital project funding varies year to year. The approval process is dependent on what the school board declares a priority, as well as the level of planning and funding specifics. Unfortunately, TDSB ranked Davisville Public School last in their priority submission. In total, $880.6 million has been invested in the TDSB major capital projects and school renewal in the last decade.

My office has been working with the Ministry of Education to try to address this issue. Before the election was called my office was actively working with the Ministry of Education to bring forward the concerns of St. Paul’s constituents. A meeting recently took place, on April 30, 2014, with myself, parent council members from a number of St. Paul’s schools and senior Ministry of Education policy advisors.

Furthermore, I had arranged a meeting with TDSB Trustee Shelley Laskin, myself and Senior Education officials to discuss Davisville specifically. Unfortunately, this meeting has yet to occur as the election was called and it had to be postponed until after the election.

I will continue to work with both the Ministry of Education and the community should I have the opportunity to represent St. Paul’s after June 12th.

I look forward to working with you so that we can address the very real and substantial challenges faced by Davisville Public School in the near future.


Eric Hoskins

We’ve had no response from NDP Candidate Luke Savage.

Today is election day. If you are an eligible voter and have not yet voted, we hope the information above, along with yesterday’s post and our post on funding Toronto schools provide you with some useful information.

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