Davisville Valedictorian 2014 – Alex Zhu

Congratulations and best wishes to our entire Grade 6 graduating class!

At the Grade 6 graduation ceremony, held Thursday, June 26, Davisville’s 2014 valedictorian Alex Zhu delivered his commencement speech, which we are pleased to share with you below:

Good afternoon parents, teaching staff and my fellow students. It’s my honor to be here as the valedictorian for the Davisville class of 2014. I am grateful that all of you are here with me and witnessing this wonderful graduation.

Most of us in grade 6 have been in this fabulous school for 6, 7 or even 8 years. From before we could count to 10 we have spent 7 hours a day and 5 days a week in this school. Now I am proud to announce that most of us can count to 20.

In this time we have made some special bonds with the volunteers, staff, other students and the Davisville community.

For example, we really showed everyone how close we were when our very-first badminton team made the semifinals, all of us gave it our best and really stood out in the tournament. Ultimately we built team spirit, used it to our advantage and ensured a fantastic badminton debut. I want to thank Ms. Francesca for making our team possible and my partner Dalton on the boys A team. With Hari and Max who just almost made the cut our team would have been bigger and better.

We have shaped each other into who we are now and have learned from our weaknesses as well as recognizing our strengths. Our school has been inspired by its magnificent diversity and will truly miss the deaf and hard of hearing section. They will be leaving this year and our school will never be the same without them, like a part of us is missing. A good example of our diversity is the great variety of appetizing food from Multicultural night. Our school is so important that the prime minister of Canada, the queen of Jordan and the president of Tanzania recently gathered in our school to commit matters.

But I know our experiences would not be the same without the great amount of effort from the parent council. So I want to give a big thank you to them for making events and activities possible. Davisville has had tons of different interactive activities such as clubs, sports, music and programs. I’m sure that most kids in our class have tried to participate in as many as possible. All of this has made every one of us graduates capable individuals ready to go through our teen stages. Davisville has well prepared us for our bright futures, a chapter of our lives that is yet to be written. As I look out I see future NHL commentators like Max, software developers like Kaezen, Olympic swimmers like Hayley and professional soccer players like Ethan. Our days in this school are over but our inspiration and knowledge is still there, we just have to learn how to extend on it and know our goals. No matter which school you are going to next your Davisville knowledge stays with you. Even if you are 33 and a full time Google executive you will still have Davisville somewhere in that 33 year old brain. Thank you for listening to my valedictorian speech and have a wonderful summer!


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