The Need for a New School

For the past few years, parents at our school, community members and TDSB staff have been actively working on how to meet the needs of our growing school. We have substantial new condo development in our neighbourhood, new families with children are moving into existing homes, and our school is at capacity. In addition, the school building has a large, costly maintenance backlog of projects including the heating system and extensive foundation work.

Based on the school’s aging infrastructure and the community’s growth, a new school for Davisville became one of eight priority projects across the entire Toronto District School Board. In December 2012, these projects were submitted to the Ministry of Education. When the provincial government made its funding decisions in March 2014, Davisville was not on the list of approved new schools.

Our MPP, Eric Hoskins, has expressed his strong support for a new school for Davisville. In a June 2014 letter, he said, “The capacity and future development of Davisville school is a priority for me…” Our school board trustee, Shelley Laskin, has also continued to work on our behalf with provincial officials and TDSB staff.

In order to make our school’s redevelopment needs a continued priority with both the TDSB and the province, parents and others in our school community need to be vocal. During the municipal election campaign, tell candidates that a new school for Davisville is a priority for our community. While approval for the new school is up to the province, City of Toronto politicians and staff will also have to agree to the project.

Representatives from our School Council will be meeting with our MPP, Eric Hoskins, this fall about next steps with the province. Information updates will be provided at the monthly School Council meetings and on our School Council website: If you want to help our school community advocate for a new school, please contact Laura Greer using the form below.

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