FoodShare is back at Davisville every Wednesday

FoodShare is back at Davisville PS!

FoodShare is a charitable organisation dedicated to providing healthy food for all. It’s Good Food Café will run every Wednesday, providing a hot and healthy lunch for Davisville students who wish to participate. Each meal includes a healthy and homemade main & side dish and a piece of fruit (vegetarian option available).

If your child would like to participate, please fill out the Foodshare Form circle the days your child would like lunch. You may choose as many as you want, from as little as one to all of the dates.  Please send the completed form, along with a cheque or cash for the correct amount, to your teacher by Monday, Sept 22nd. Cheques are payable to FoodShare Toronto.  Meals are $4 each.

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  1. Greetings! I noticed that October 22 is not on the Foodshare form. Was that intended?

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. You are correct, October 22 was accidentally missed. A new form is being sent out with the extra date included.

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