Choose Your School Board Trustee

Next week Monday is election day in the City of Toronto.

We’ll be electing our next mayor, our city councillor and our school board trustee and all of them will have an impact on what happens in our city and our community over the next four years.

The next group of trustees will have a significant impact on the future of Davisville. Our school council co-chairs wrote a letter to each of the three candidates to share some information about our school’s current needs and to ask them some questions. The text of the letter appears below.

Wondering who’s running for trustee in our area? Here are the candidate websites, listed in alphabetical order:

Here is the text of the letter sent to each of the candidates:

We are writing on behalf of the School Council of Davisville Junior Public School, which serves as a great example of a diverse and growing urban school. Our school faces significant challenges with its physical infrastructure and a growing enrollment:

• Our midtown urban community is growing, with condo developments that attract young families, new families with children moving into existing homes and the arrival of immigrants.
• Half of our classrooms are substantially smaller than average as they were designed specifically for use by Metropolitan Toronto School for the Deaf.
• School capacity is 384 students. Today, 538 students are enrolled with 668 projected for 2016.
• The existing school is in need of major, costly repairs, including the boiler and foundation. Davisville has the second highest Facility Condition Index score in the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), meaning it is in critical condition.
• Davisville’s deferred maintenance backlog is over $8.3 million (including roof, ceilings, boiler and foundation). In August, Davisville had two floods, which cost $500-750 thousand directly, based on insurance deductibles. As well, our boiler requires almost constant repairs.

The need for a new school at Davisville is widely recognized and supported, including by our MPP, Eric Hoskins, who is actively advocating with his provincial colleagues on Davisville’s behalf. Over the past five years, our community has developed and endorsed a redevelopment strategy that offers a pragmatic, cost-saving way a new school could be built. We have embraced creative solutions in order to meet our children’s education needs.

We appreciate you putting your name forward to be a Trustee. We have the following questions:

1. If (re-)elected, will you commit to ensuring that children at Davisville will be given the opportunity to learn in a physical space that meets their needs?
2. Will you press the TDSB to ensure its capital allocation and other policies fully take into account the requirements of our dense, urban midtown location?
3. If (re-)elected, what will be the top three objectives you will seek to accomplish as a Trustee? And how do you propose to accomplish these?
4. How will you work with and advocate for the Davisville School community if elected as a Trustee?
5. Finally, we ask that you share with us why you want to be our Trustee.

We look forward to your response and will publish it on our school council website

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