Trustee Shelley Laskin’s Ward Forum – Tonight at Davisville

Davisville School (Parent) Council encourages parents to attend tonight’s Ward Forum at Davisville PS. Your support for your school is vital! Things get started at 6:30 PM.

Child care and snacks will be provided and our Trustee Shelley Laskin will be hosting.

The major item on tonight’s agenda is a presentation about balancing the 2015-16 TDSB budget by Carla Kisko, Associate Deputy Director of Finance and Operations.

Included in the presentation will be discussion of the Capital Budget. Our Ward does not have under-utilized schools. Our Ward needs more school space now and in the future and this is especially the case at Davisville.

Davisville needs a new school building and this meeting is your best opportunity to ask a top TDSB official questions such as:

  • How does the TDSB intend to accommodate the growing enrollment in the area?
  • How did Davisville PS get ranked last on TDSB’s priority list when it is ranked in 2nd worst condition of all TDSB buildings?
  • Why were other redevelopment projects prioritized over Davisville when there was a TSDB plan developed closely with our community to fund a new school?
  • Why does the TDSB continue to spend our tax dollars on a building that the Ontario Government deems is beyond repair?

For more information on, please see the Redevelopment section of our website

Stand up for your kids and your community. Join us for this very important meeting.

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