Davisville Redevelopment Meeting – Wednesday, March 4

Our school community’s work toward a new community hub and school is picking up speed!

Join us for our next Davisville redevelopment planning meeting, with the Building and Land Use Committee, Wednesday, March 4th at 7:00 PM in the music room (room 106, main floor)

Our school is now over 100% capacity and we are still growing. Many of the classrooms in our school were built for the former Metro Toronto School for the Deaf – they are too small for 20+ students.

Maintaining the existing school building is an exercise in frustration and throwing good money after bad. Much money and time this year has been spent fixing broken boilers, water mains and summer flood damage caused by a normal rainstorm.

As well, our neighbourhood needs community space to accommodate our growing population, a place that everyone in the community could use, like a gymnasium, an art centre, (ideally a swimming pool…)

Our school is a natural site for a community centre plus a school built to be large enough to meet the needs of kids in our growing area.

Even if you don’t think your child(ren) will be students here by the time a new school is built, the community hub and preserved green space is needed and will be good for the whole community for generations to come.

Help us keep our momentum growing! Join us tomorrow evening (Wednesday, March 4).

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