Bake for Davisville!

Everyone loves yummy treats! Help raise funds for our school by baking for two bake sales this week:

Thursday, April 23rd: Kindergarten Concert and Bake Sale

This Thursday evening, our Davisville kindergarten classes will be performing their concert at Hodgson, and we will be holding a bake sale at the same time. Even if your child isn’t in kindergarten, you can still bake for the concert, and either drop off your baked goods at the school office on Thursday by 3:20pm, or (preferably) bring your baked goods to the concert at Hodgson at 6pm.

Friday, April 24th: Green Bake Sale

Then, on Friday, our school will be hosting a Green Bake Sale during the morning and afternoon recesses. Please bring in your green treats (celery sticks dipped in chocolate sauce?) to the office this Friday morning, and remember to give your children a few dollars on Friday for them to buy baked goods.

We need all the help we can get! One suggestion is to bake extras of the same treats, and add something green, for example, sprinkles or icing, to half of it for Friday’s bake sale and bring in the other half for Thursday’s bake sale (or bring the same green treat to Thursday’s concert too… the kindergarten children would love it!). Baked goods must be nut free.

All funds raised from the bake sales will go towards supporting our school. Thank you, Davisville parents, for your ongoing support!

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