Building the habits of informed and engaged citizenship – Davisville students are voting too!

As you know, our federal elections will be held this coming Monday, October 19th. To learn about the election process firsthand, Davisville students from Grades 4 to 6 are participating in Student Vote, a program sponsored by CIVIX, Canada’s leading civic education organization, in partnership with Elections Canada.

What is Student Vote?

As described on the Student Vote website, Student Vote runs parallel elections for students who are under the voting age to coincide with federal, provincial, territorial and municipal elections. The purpose of the program is to provide young Canadians with an opportunity to experience the voting process firsthand, and build the habits of informed and engaged citizenship starting at a young age.

Since 2003, 26 Student Vote programs have been held across Canada. In the last federal election, 563,000 students cast ballots from 3,750 schools.

How is Davisville involved?

This past week, through the Student Vote program, Davisville students learned about the election process directly by watching and discussing the interviews with each of the party leaders that were conducted by students for students, reviewing educational resources made available through the program, and voting for our local St. Paul’s riding candidates at polling stations set up at the school.

What can I do with my child?

As the Student Vote website points out, when children practice the habits of informed and engaged citizenship at an early age, they will be more inclined and prepared to participate in our democracy when they graduate high school and are of voting age.

With the election approaching, we encourage all parents to discuss the election process with your children, and talk to them about why you vote, how you decide who to vote for, what’s involved, and so on. You can review and discuss various teaching resources and education tools that are available on the Student Vote website with your child, and help him or her understand both the importance of voting and making informed votes.

Together, we can prepare our students — our future — to become informed and engaged citizens! See you at the polls on Monday!

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