New School Announcement!

Some great news to share from Principal Farrelly, Vice-Principal Schneider, and our school council co-chairs, Tanya Murdoch and Tamara Kolber: Davisville is getting a new school!

Here is the news, as they shared by email a few minutes ago:

What an excellent way to start our week. We just found out the Ministry of Education has approved a new school for our site. We are thrilled that the new school will be funded by the Ministry and that we have the opportunity to continue exploring what a community hub on our site could look like.

This could not have happened without countless volunteer hours by staff and community members. There has been incredible support from our school trustee, Shelley Laskin, and City Councillor Josh Matlow. We would also like to extend thanks to the members of the Building Land Use (BLU) committee who have been working on this since 2010, our past and current School Councils, and our many parent and school staff volunteers. It truly does show us that it takes a village (and a lot of dedication and resiliency) to raise a child (and build a new school).

We look forward to continuing this great work with staff and our community as we look to build a 21st century educational and community space for all.

Watch for more information and details coming. For information regarding how this came to be, please check out We will also be discussing this at our next School Council meeting on Tuesday, November 24, 2015.

Thank you to MPP Dr. Eric Hoskins for sending us this most excellent news. We look forward to continuing to work with you.

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