First Parents Council Meeting of 2016-2017; Call for Volunteers

We had a great (though long) council meeting on Tuesday. Wonderful update on our incredible EQAO-results and a guest visit from Trustee Shelley Laskin, who spoke briefly about the new school build.

We also had our council elections – Thank You to everyone who has stepped into a role! We still have some openings, including:

–   Co- or Vice Chair. We will need a new Council Chair next year, so if you’re considering that position for next year, come work with us this year and learn the ropes.

–   Transition Committee: this year is that last year for English Grade 6 at Davisville, which means that we need some planning to make the move to middle school go smoothly. We need two parents with children in the both the grade 5 and 6 English program and one more parent with a child in the grade 6 French program to join this committee

–    We need a few people to take on our wonderful Fun Fair; this is the best day of the year and a really fun event to take on. Co-Chairs and committee members needed.

–   Education Liaison/Grade Reps: this is a very minimal time commitment, but we need two more parents for this. The role is to update council with your department needs through the year, and then meet with administration in March to plan class distribution. We still need at least two parents, one with a child in English Primary (1-3) and a parent of a child in English Junior (4-6)

–   One parent to run the spring Acorn art fundraiser (not a huge time commitment,involves talking to teachers and distributing forms and finished art)

–    Someone who can be in the school a small amount to help keep our Freecycle winter clothing program organized

–   One or two people interested in taking on the organization of the spring rummage sale

–  one or two people to be the bake sale coordinators (This is fun! You get to sell sugar to kids!)

If you have questions, or are interested in one or more of these opportunities, please contact Tamara at

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