Second Update on New School Design

On March 23, our TDSB Trustee Shelley Laskin and TDSB staff, including Principal Farrelly, VP Robertson and our Head Caretaker Pat, met with parent, teacher and community representatives to review and discuss the latest revision of the design for Davisville’s new school, done by Snyder Architects.

Click here to see the second update to the new school design, presented at that meeting

Please note: there are reports of difficulty opening this file on iPhones and iPads

The latest site plan is shown below:

Here are a few features and highlights:

  1. The orange area of the site plan is the new school building. The front entry will be on Davisville
  2. Parent dropoff will continue to be on Millwood, from which a new gate will open directly onto the playground, which is labelled “Learning Grounds” on the site plan
  3. The open area left (west) of the new school building is the site of the future City of Toronto aquatic centre and Midtown Hub
  4. The driveway on the right (east) of the school has been moved as far east as possible and the space used has been minimized
  5. A large, wide walkway will be built between the school and driveway, fenced off from the playground. There is also space reserved for a walkway at the western edge of the site
  6. Next to the new triple gym will be a new kitchen. The architects presented a detailed kitchen plan with a layout similar to the existing kitchen, but more functional in many ways
  7. On the roof of the triple gym will be a large play area with green roof elements along the south and east sides. This will be accessible from the third floor
  8. The large trees along Millwood will be preserved, as will as many of the existing trees which now stand south of the existing school

Before the plan is finalized, the TDSB will hold a public meeting to present their recommended plan and to seek additional feedback from our community. This meeting is planned for April or May of this year and the date will be well-publicized, including on this site, once the meeting date is set.

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  1. When is the construction planning to start? Are there any timelines that can be shared?

    • The TDSB is currently planning for construction to start in July of 2018, with the new school completed by the summer of 2020 and open in September 2020.

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