Starting April 1, 2019  and running for 2 weeks, Brown PS and Davisville PS will be participating in a toonie drive for the benefit of the TDSB Vision Program.  All across the GTA there are approx 400 blind and low vision students who are supported by the TDSB Vision Program which is comprised of 6 itinerant specialized teachers who travel from school to school providing these students with the assisted learning they need in a regular classroom setting.   Since students with visual impairments are integrated in their local schools, they rarely have the opportunity to meet with other students who are also visually impaired because they are typically the only students in their schools with vision loss.  As such, the Vision Program organizes special events and trips that bring students together from across the city to one location.  These events/trips enable students who receive Vision Program support to meet each other, develop friendships, and learn disability-specific skills in a safe, fun environment lead by Vision Program staff.

Examples of some of the events offered by the Vision Program in previous years include:  Variety Village Sports Day, Learn to Skate program with Canadian Blind Hockey, the Royal Winter Fair, and a High Park picnic.  Although the event itself is typically paid for through the TDSB, getting students to and from the event is most cost prohibitive.  Taxis bring students from their home school to the event and return them to school at the end of the day because many families do not have the means or ability to drive their children to/from the event.  Each event typically has a cost of about $1,000.00 in taxi expenses.

Brown PS and Davisville PS are kindly asking of our communities to jointly raise the $1000.00, $500 from each school community, needed for the TDSB Vision Program travel expenses so that these students can enjoy a group event this year.  We are asking each of our families to please consider donating $2.00 towards this cause.  You can do so by using your School Cash Online account.  If you are able to donate more than the suggested $2.00, any amount above that is welcome!  We thank you in advance for your generosity and exemplifying a community that gives back to those who are in need.


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