Council Members & Position Descriptions

School Council meetings are held regularly throughout the school year (you can also access the minutes from past meetings).

Here are the School Council Executive and Committee Chair members for our 2019-20 school year:

2019-20 School Council Executives / Voting Members:

  • Council Chair: Lynne LeBlanc
  • Co-Secretaries: Patricia Disperati, Renata Vaccaro
  • Co-Treasurers: Teresa Beevor, Ambrish Desai
  • Communications Co-chairs / Committee: Anita Huang Teshima, Anya Laskin, Morgan Hedges, Shweta Dhari
  • Eco Co-chairs: Jasneet Kaur
  • Fun Fair Co-chairs: Nachely Figliano, Blair Larsen
  • Fundraising Co-chairs: Melissa Gould Wise, Josette Lamoureux
  • Safe and Caring Schools Committee: Naomi Buck
  • Mental Health and Safety Committee: Ulrica Jobe, Mandeep Singh Sethi
  • Kindergarten Reps: Geordie Sabbagh
  • Primary Reps: Ulrica Jobe, Morgan Hedges
  • Junior Reps: Teresa Beevor, Farah Namazi
  • Library Liaisons: Leyla Gholami, Christine Kilby
  • Educational French Liaison: Rachel Boissonneault

2019-20 Non-Elected / Committee Chair Positions:

Along with the elected School Council Executive positions, there are parents who have offered to coordinate various Council programs, or have started their own initiatives. Some initiatives have become part of the Davisville tradition, but need someone to manage them. They all need a team of volunteers to help run these programs. Please contact them if you are able to help out or contact council for more information:

  • Snack Coordinator(s): Treya Beaulieu, Nachely Figliano
  • Pizza lunch Coordinators(s): Lynne LeBlanc
  • Class Connector Coordinator(s): Anya Laskin
  • Bake Sale Coordinator(s): Amie Luckock
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch Coordinator(s): Melissa Gould Wise
  • Skate Night Coordinator(s): Beata Strzyzewska
  • Fun Fair Auction Chair(s): Melissa Gould Wise, Josette Lamoureux

Council Executive Positions & Committee Chair Descriptions:

  • Council Chair: Sets the agenda for School Council meetings, supports the other chairs in their endeavors, liaises with administration, and responds to questions/concerns from the parent community. (Large time commitment, 1-2 years of experience on Council, good to share this position with a Co-chair or Vice Chair.)
  • Past Chair (Retiring Council Chair): Advises and shares institutional experience with current School Council
  • Secretary: Takes minutes of each meeting and distribute a copy to school community. (No experience needed, minimal time commitment, and must come to all meetings; can share this position.)
  • Treasurer: Keeps account of money raised and spent, signs cheques, deposits money raised by Council, sits on budget committee. (Sporadic time commitment, must check in frequently and meet with budget committee 4-5x a year as well as report to Council every meeting; should shadow previous Treasurer for a few months to understand role.)
  • Communications Committee: Regularly update School Council parent-run website — — and share school news with Davisville PS community through a weekly newsletter, social media sites, and email distribution lists; post blogs/news, upcoming events/activities, forms, Council minutes, etc., following the guidelines developed by the Communications Committee. (Recommendation is to run Communications as a committee.)
  • Eco Chair: Works with teachers from the Eco Club to support eco-initiatives and helps communicate what is happening with the Eco Club
  • Fun Fair Chair: Sets the agenda for, plans and coordinates the annual parent-run even in the Spring. (This is a position that needs team support and people in charge of the various Fun Fair areas and activities.)
  • Fundraising Chair: In charge of the silent auction at the Fun Fair and any new fundraising initiatives. Report back on fundraising initiatives to council. Chair a meeting early in the year to set agenda for the year. (2-3 hours in Fall, busy in spring from April-June Fun fair, coordinate and run silent auction. NEEDS A TEAM.)
  • Educational Liaison English Program: Advises staffing committee (administration and teachers) in the Spring when they plan distribution of classes for the English stream. (Typically, 2-3 meetings after school in late March, early April.)
  • Educational Liaison French Program: Same as above for the French stream
  • Kindergarten, Primary and Junior Reps: Brings issues or shares knowledge about different area of the school community. Acts as a liaison between Council and the wider school community for their respective grades.
  • Library Liason: Liases with the Library department head, Maria Mantello, to determine what needs the Library might have (e.g., funds or volunteers), and then brings these needs to School Council (by proxy, if you can’t be present at meetings)
  • Volunteer Coordinator (when applicable): The focal point for volunteers (e.g., emailing volunteers, setting up babysitter for Council meetings, obtaining volunteers for different events, and coordinating Fun Fair volunteers in the spring). (Year round, mostly by email, 1-2 hours per month, or more for big events. Typically, the Volunteer Coordinator attends the big events, e.g., the Fun Fair, to coordinate volunteers.)
  • Safe and Caring Schools Committee:
  • Mental Health and Safety Committee:


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