Get Involved! There are many great ways to get involved in our Davisville school community! See below for the numerous ways you can help your child’s school by volunteering. You can volunteer in whatever way makes sense for your schedule – we welcome and appreciate any and all help!

Regular Volunteer Positions

Pizza Lunch: We offer Pizza Lunch every Friday. We are looking for more dedicated Pizza Lunch volunteers for the year! The system of delivery to the students works best if we have a minimum of six parent volunteers every Friday. Of course, you do not have to commit to every Friday, if your schedule does not allow for it. You can volunteer, for example, every other Friday, or one Friday per month, etc. If you’re able to help out with Pizza Lunch in some way, please contact us at davisvillepizzalunch@gmail.com !

Snack Program: Our school community is fortunate that we are able to offer all of our students a healthy snack every morning. All snacks are prepared fresh daily. The snack team is looking for more able bodies and helping hands. We need at least four people everyday to make it work best! If you’re able to volunteer with the Snack Program, please contact us at davisvillesnackprogram@gmail.com .

Library: Our Davisville school library is a very popular destination for our students! Our very dedicated School Librarian, together with our School Council Library Coordinator, are looking for some extra hands to help shelve books – we are looking to assemble a team to come in regularly, e.g., once a month, to help out. Take a look this 14 min. video to see what it takes to shelve books at the library. The shelving of books will get done much more quickly with more hands! If you’re able to help out at the library, please contact our Library Coordinator at davisvilleschoolcouncil@gmail.com (include “Attn: Library Coordinator” in the email subject heading).

Fundraising: Help with our various fundraising initiatives is always appreciated! See below for examples of areas where fundraising help will be needed. For more information regarding how you can help out with our fundraising initiatives, contact us at davisvillefundraising@gmail.com .

Other areas where volunteers are needed

Bake Sales: Throughout the year, we hold several bake sales that require volunteers. We typically need 2-3 people to help run each bake sale. Or if that’s not for you though, please also consider preparing baked goods for the bake sales. We appreciate both volunteers and baked goods!

Skate Night: Skate night is a beloved annual tradition, which takes place on a Friday night in January or February. We need one person to coordinate this event, and several more people to pull it all together!

Fun Fair: Fun Fair is the largest event in our school year and a big fundraiser for the school. Kids and parents have a great time every year, and it is our single largest need for volunteers. Stay tuned for more information and details on how to sign up! Also see our Fun Fair page for related information.

Eco Club: Davisville P. S. is a Platinum Certified EcoSchool ! This is a major achievement. But we don’t want to stop here. We will continue to build on our past TDSB Eco Schools initiatives and plan to do even more this year! There are many opportunities to volunteer with upcoming eco events, and various green projects and activities. Also see our Eco School page for related information.

For general inquiries related to volunteering with our Davisville school community, please contact davisvilleschoolcouncil@gmail.com .

We are grateful for all of our wonderful parent volunteers, who make our school community better for everyone. Thank you!

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