After-school/lunch programs

Extracurricular Clubs at Davisville Public School


  • Grade 1-3, Primary Choir


  • Grade 1-3 Primary Coding/First Term
  • Grade 4-6, Junior Coding/Second Term


  • Grade 3-6, Paper Engineering
  • Grade 4-6, Student Leadership (1x a month or as required)
  • Grade 1-6, Student Council, general meeting (December, February, April)
  • Grade 4-6, Student Council Executive, 1x a month


  • Grade 4-6, Junior choir
  • Just Dance, Primary First term
  • Drama, Primary Second term


  • Grade 4-6, Milk Bag Weaving

Parks and Recs programs at Davisville

  • Several city-run Toronto Parks and Recs programs are held at Vaughn Road Academy. 
  • These are a very affordable option ($20-$47 for 8 weeks).
  • Programs are held on weekdays after school or on Saturday, and include:
    • Swimming
    • Ball hockey
    • Indoor Soccer
    • Basketball
  • For more information and to register, visit the City’s webpage at:


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