After-school/lunch programs

Extracurricular Clubs at Davisville Public School

The following extra-curricular (paid) programs are currently being offered at Davisville P. S. (at Vaughn Road Academy) at lunch time.

*Please note that there are also numerous school-run extracurricular lunchtime programs at Davisville. Visit the official Davisville P. S. school site for more information on these school-run programs.

All programs take place at the school.   PLEASE NOTE:  Some of the programs are now full.  We will be bringing back those that are in demand for the winter term, so everyone should have an opportunity to participate!





For related registration forms, go to the Forms page.

Parks and Recs programs at Davisville

  • Several city-run Toronto Parks and Recs programs are held at Vaughn Road Academy. 
  • These are a very affordable option ($20-$47 for 8 weeks).
  • Programs are held on weekdays after school or on Saturday, and include:
    • Swimming
    • Ball hockey
    • Indoor Soccer
    • Basketball
  • For more information and to register, visit the City’s webpage at:


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