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What a wonderful month of Kindness at Davisville!

What a wonderful month of Kindness at Davisville! Thank you to everyone who participated. See highlights below from our School Council Chair:
‘Twas Cool To Be Kind at Davisville

‘Twas the weeks before Christmas
And all through the school
Students were teeming with excitement 
And struggled to keep cool.

The Davisville Dragons 
Gifted with a mighty task
Spread kindness and smiles
Even behind their mask. 

Teachers, staff and students
Embraced this challenge with glee
Coming up with their own unique ways 
To grow a kindness tree. 

Art, poems, pledges and kindness jars
Songs, dances and videos too
Kindness was contagious 
Like a good kind of flu.

Students wrote to one another
With warm and fuzzy notes
Morning announcements featured 
Inspiring kindness quotes.  

There were meaningful discussions
About being grateful and appreciative
Teaching one another 
About a better way to live.  

Although Kindness month
Must now come to an end
Fear not, one piece of advice
We have yet to lend.

Remember It’s cool to be kind at Davisville
No matter what time of year
So rally on Dragons
And keep on spreading kindness and cheer!

Thank you to all the staff, teachers and students 
who embrace Kindness every day
And make Davisville so wonderful
In its own unique way.

A Message from School Council to the Davisville Graduating Class of 2020!

A message from Davisville School Council on the day of what was supposed to be have been graduation ceremonies for our Davisville Dragons Class of 2020:

Graduations are one of the few things in life that end with a fresh start. If there is one thing to remember from our collective COVID-19 experience, it’s that things may not always go the way you want them to, but life has a a way of taking those new directions and turning them into opportunities.

From the students in the 2020 graduating class we know that: stories will be written, art will be created, researchers will solve medical mysteries, a generation of future essential workers will be inspired. Some may become future educators… and together, perhaps, this unique class of graduates may save the planet…

We have all been through many things this year – great and small. Our wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to, that your dreams stay big and your worries stay small.

We are all looking forward to seeing you succeed in a wide range of fields – and become the future leaders that we need. Go Dragons!

Davisville School Council

Resources for Davisville Families

Davisville Parents,

Here are some resources to help you through these times:

  • Mindfulness Monday Meditations, which are now posted on our Davisville School website (see the top right corner of the page).
  • Links to activities that the Ministry of Education and TDSB have provided to keep students engaged with the curriculum. Visit the Student Learning Resources page on the TDSB website for current student learning resources that can be accessed at home.
  • Lancement du Concours Virtuel – Ensemble à distance: Thousands of Ontario students in French as a Second Language usually participate in the annual Canadian Parents for French public speaking event Concours d’Art Oratoire. It is supported by the Ministry of Education and aligns with the Ontario FSL curriculum. It normally takes place in classrooms at the TDSB and at Boards across Ontario and then at regional, provincial and national events. The amazing Canadian Parents for French staff across Canada have now moved Concours to a virtual format in only one week! Students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 across Canada are invited to record and post 1-3 minute videos online, en français, sharing how they are spending their time while schools are closed and events are cancelled. For more information, visit the Canadian Parents for French Ontario website.

We will be posting additional resources for parents on our School Council website, so stay tuned. Thank you too to parents who have forwarded resources along.

Wishing everyone well,

Davisville School Council

Join us for our next School Council Meeting on Tuesday, March 3rd

Join us for our next School Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 3rd, starting at 7pm. The meeting will be held at Glebe Road United Church (20 Glebe Street East).

Agenda topics for this upcoming meeting include: labour negotiation updates and challenges, a budget update, as well as some information regarding upcoming School Council events.

All Davisville parents are welcome! We look forward to seeing you there.

Also, a reminder that if you would like to order Davisville spiritwear, you can order through Davisville SchoolCashOnline or Davisville EntripyShops .

Parent Council Meeting March 3, 2020 and other news…

The next parent council meeting is on March 3rd at Glebe Road United Church.

Pink shirt/Anti-bullying day was a success!

For more information, click here!