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And the winners are…

Another beautiful day and another successful ABC/JSA Day at Davisville!

90% of our students chose to walk, bike, scooter or bus to school day. Three classes had 100% participation:

Mme. Fitzpatrick’s class
Ms. Robb’s class
C. Wilman’s class


Thank you to all the families that chose to participate in ABC/JSA Day. While it may seems like a small thing, over time it can make a huge difference to our children’s health, awareness and community. Your efforts are definitely worth it!

And a special thank you to the amazing crew of parents that come out each ABC/JSA day to set-up, stamp and cheer our kids on. We couldn’t do these extra things for our children without the support of parents like you.

The next ABC/JSA day will be on April 18th.