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Together We Can Make A DifferenceHappy Earth Day.  Attached is a sneak preview of the puzzle the children are working on with the Green School in Bali.  The puzzle, in it’s entirety, will be on display in the school from Wednesday.  The children did an amazing job on their puzzle pieces and it was incredible to see how many of their visions were mirrored by their peers on the other side of their planet.

Waste Watch!! We need your help!

The Eco-Schools reps are looking for three parents to help out with Davisville’s 2011 – 2012 Waste Audit on April 3rd. The Audit will be conducted over the lunch hour and Ms. Breslaw has promised to make it a lot of fun for everyone involved!

The audit is a simple exercise of sorting and weighing the waste the school generates. It is a very important part of our Eco-Schools accreditation. (Currently Davisville is at the Bronze level and we are hoping that we get to Silver this year!)

If you can help with the audit, or would like more information, please contact Susan Bakshi, Leona Breslaw or Keverne Cenac through the comments page.



And the winners are…

Another beautiful day and another successful ABC/JSA Day at Davisville!

90% of our students chose to walk, bike, scooter or bus to school day. Three classes had 100% participation:

Mme. Fitzpatrick’s class
Ms. Robb’s class
C. Wilman’s class


Thank you to all the families that chose to participate in ABC/JSA Day. While it may seems like a small thing, over time it can make a huge difference to our children’s health, awareness and community. Your efforts are definitely worth it!

And a special thank you to the amazing crew of parents that come out each ABC/JSA day to set-up, stamp and cheer our kids on. We couldn’t do these extra things for our children without the support of parents like you.

The next ABC/JSA day will be on April 18th.

A Little Cold Won’t Stop The Dragons!

Despite the frigid temperatures the January 18th ABC/JSA day was a success. Over 80% of the school participated by bussing, walking, biking or TTCing to Davisville.

The Golden Shoe award went to Mr.K’s and Mr. Lamanna’s classes – each with 100% participation! Congratulations.

Thanks to all the families who arranged their schedule to allow their children to be part of this important initiative. While it may seem like a small thing, ABC/JSA days have been shown to have positive impact on building healthy, sustainable communities.

Finally, a special thanks to the students, staff and parents that volunteered yesterday!


This Wednesday is Anything But Car day! Please try to walk, bike, take transit or bus to school. All participating students will have their hand stamped and get a chance to sign the ABC/JSA day poster board.

Every step we make gets us closer to our eco school goals for a healthier, greener Davisville.

Please check out the Eco-schools page on this site for additional information or to get involved in our eco-programmes.

See you on Wednesday!