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A New School for Davisville!

On October 26, 2015, our MPP Dr. Eric Hoskins announced $14.7 million in provincial funding for a new Davisville Junior Public School. This is great news for our community and our entire area, as the new school will also make it possible for the TDSB to deal with the enrollment pressures affecting all the schools surrounding Davisville.
To read the announcement, click here.

The Need for a New School at Davisville

Since 2010, in collaboration with parents, community members and other stakeholders, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB or Board) has been working on options for building a new school on the Davisville school site.

The current plan is to have the school temporarily relocate to Vaughan Road Academy while a new school building is constructed in the space between the current school and Davisville Ave. The existing building will be torn down and a new field and playscape will take its place along Millwood Road.

Why does the TDSB want to do this? There are two main reasons the Board has for redeveloping the Davisville school site: First and most important, our enrollment is growing and the current building is unable to accommodate this growth. Second, our school building has a growing maintenance backlog, which would be prohibitively expensive and disruptive to address.

Enrollment at Davisville Continues to Grow

Our community is growing, with condo developments that attract young families (a global trend in major cities), new families with children moving into existing homes and the arrival of immigrants.

School capacity until recently was 384 students by provincial standards. Reconfiguring some spaces to provide more kindergarten classrooms and other measurement changes recently raised this to 512 students. Even with these changes, our school is well over capacity.

In reality, this reconfiguration has not prevented overcrowding. Half of our classrooms are smaller than the provincial standard. These classrooms were purpose-built for the Metro Toronto School for the Deaf, which was an important part of our school community for decades, and which is now in a new location.

Projected enrollment for 2016 was 668 students and much more growth expected in our area in the next few years.

The Existing Building Would Need Very Costly Repairs

The existing school building is in need of major, costly repairs, including the boiler and foundation. The projected repair cost was over $8.3 million based on a report that is now several years old. It may now be in excess of $12 million and would continue to increase.

For years, the existing building had the second highest (meaning second worst) Facility Condition Index score in the TDSB. The Ontario government’s “Prohibitive to Repair” score is 65. This means anything above that score is better replaced than repaired. Davisville’s score reached 169.

What Happens Next?

The October 26, 2015 announcement of funding for a new school at Davisville will enable the TDSB to build a new school on the Davisville site.

Want More Info?

For more context, we have provided:

  • some background information
  • information on the TDSB’s Davisville-Yonge Accommodation Review Committee process, which took place in the 2009-2010 school year
  • a school does not exist in isolation from the surrounding neighbourhood. Our Urban Design Resources page has more information for parents, teachers and other members of our community interested in seeing how this kind of integrated urban design has been applied to other development projects in our area.
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