As we note on our main new school page, there are two main factors that led to the approval of a new school for Davisville: The growing enrollment that the existing school building cannot serve and the condition of the building, which would have been very expensive and disruptive to address.

The student population in the Davisville area is growing and the school does not have the room to house the expected growth, so additional school capacity is needed at Davisville. Davisville’s student population in the Fall of 2016 was more than 3.2 times larger than it was in 2010, with far more students crowded into the school than it was designed and rated to hold.

Student populations in all neighbourhoods surrounding Davisville are also growing and those schools are also full or already over capacity, so there is no other school that can accommodate growth in the Davisville school population. In other words, redrawing boundaries would not have solved this capacity problem.

Other significant factors in the process are the age of the existing building and the high operating costs of the current building. The new school building will cost substantially less to operate than the current one, which is an additional factor making it financially responsible to rebuild the school.

During the 2009-2010 school year, the TDSB conducted an Accommodation Review Committee process in the Davisville-Yonge area. The ARC process examined the needs and facilities available at our school as well as at Eglinton Junior Public School, Hodgson Senior Public School, Maurice Cody Junior Public School and Spectrum Alternative Senior School, which was located in the Eglinton Jr PS school building at the time of the ARC process. Spectrum was relocated to the Davisville school building, beginning classes in the Davisville building in September 2011.

We have more information on the ARC process and the results of it, on our Davisville-Yonge ARC page.

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