Tours of Other Redeveloped Schools

Near the end of June, 2011, several members of the Davisville-MTSD and Spectrum Alternative school communities had the opportunity to tour three TDSB primary schools that were built relatively recently. The tours were organized for us by senior members of the TDSB’s Strategic Building & Renewal department.

Everyone who went on these tours found them very informative. We gained substantial perspective touring these schools because we were guided through them by a number of the people who designed and built them. This information and perspective will be very helpful to us as we prepare our list of needs and preferences for the new school building and grounds that the TDSB is contemplating for the site of the existing Davisville school.

We have posted photos on Flickr highlighting different features of the schools. Many of the photos have notes on a feature shown in the photo. To see the set of photos for a school, click on a link below:

For more about the three schools we toured, click on the school name below to go to the school’s website:


  1. rhomberg-stevenson

    i’m a bit perplexed as to why claude watson was reviewed, as it’s a specialized secondary school?

  2. Hi Reh,

    Claude Watson serves Grade 4 through 8 students. It is a specialized school for the Arts, so it does have some features, such as music rehearsal rooms, that a regular school would not have, or would have fewer of. That said, it is still a primary school, so there are many, many features that it has in common with any other new school.

    I participated in the school tours and for me, there were two key reasons seeing Claude Watson was valuable: first, the school site was recently redeveloped, with the school opening in 2006. This gave me a look at a more recent example of how a new school is built. Second, part of the original school property was sold to a developer and a condo was built on that piece of land. The original school property was smaller than the Davisville site is, so this school is an example of how a school site can be reconfigured in a redevelopment.


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