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ABC/JSA Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is ABC/JSA Day. Please remember to leave your car at home … Or at least a couple of blocks away from the school. Last month we had 8 classes with 100% participation, can we make it to 9?


And the winners are…

Another beautiful day and another successful ABC/JSA Day at Davisville!

90% of our students chose to walk, bike, scooter or bus to school day. Three classes had 100% participation:

Mme. Fitzpatrick’s class
Ms. Robb’s class
C. Wilman’s class


Thank you to all the families that chose to participate in ABC/JSA Day. While it may seems like a small thing, over time it can make a huge difference to our children’s health, awareness and community. Your efforts are definitely worth it!

And a special thank you to the amazing crew of parents that come out each ABC/JSA day to set-up, stamp and cheer our kids on. We couldn’t do these extra things for our children without the support of parents like you.

The next ABC/JSA day will be on April 18th.

ABC/JSA Day This Wednesday

On Wednesday December 7th, Davisville will be holding its second Anything But Car Day. Our November event was a huge success and we hope to even more participation this time.

For more information on ABC/JSA Day please visit the Eco Schools page (link is above.)

Davisville Green Space

Davisville Community Garden

As part of our goal to create a nurturing, stimulating and ecologically literate school for our children, the Davisville Eco-Schools committee is researching the possibility of creating a new outdoor learning space/garden on the school grounds.

The development of this new space is a major undertaking and we will be looking at ideas for planting trees, recreating natural wildlife habitats, and creating integrative seating and play areas.

To be successful we need the support and effort of the entire school community. Over the next month we will be collecting information and ideas from our students and teachers. As parents, we welcome your input and involvement in this project as well. We want to hear from you!

Thoughts, comments and insights can be left on the Eco-Schools page of this site. If you would like to be formally involved in the creation of the garden learning space please indicate this in your message and you will be put on the e-mail list for future correspondence.

Davisville’s first A.B.C. Day is met with great enthusiasm!

Davisville PS/MTSD held its first Anything But Car (ABC) Day today and the students responded with great enthusiasm.  Ninety percent of the school participated, with five classes having a remarkable 100% participation rate!  Most students (64%) walked, while 22% took a bus, and 5% rode their bike or scootered to school.


The kids all had a great time.  And parents enjoyed it too, commenting “…it was great to see the excitement in the children’s faces,” and “….it’s a great idea to teach children, who are our future!”

ABC events work to create safer routes for walking and bicycling, emphasize the importance of physical activity, increase concern for the environment, and help build connections between families, schools and the broader community.  For more information, please visit the Eco-Schools page.