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Justine Deluce Responds on Funding Toronto Schools

The PC Candidate in St. Paul’s, Justine Deluce, has responded to a letter from our school council chair, Sarah Miller. In her letters to each of the major party candidates in St. Paul’s, Sarah asked for a commitment from each that they would:

  1. commit to ensuring that children in Toronto will be given the same opportunity to learn in facilities that meet their needs, with capital allocation and policies designed to take into account the requirements of dense, urban areas
  2. commit to being a champion within (their) party to ensure that Toronto schools are not disadvantaged

Here’s PC Candidate Justine Deluce’s response:

Thank you for your email.

If elected to represent St. Paul’s at Queens Park, I will commit to visiting Davisville Public School shortly after being sworn in to address the concerns of parents like you.

It is important to me that all schools in St. Paul’s give students the best opportunity to learn and grow.

If elected to represent you, I will make the issues at DPS a priority.


No word back yet from Liberal Candidate Eric Hoskins, nor from NDP Candidate Luke Savage.

Click on the links above to tweet Eric Hoskins or email Luke Savage about funding Toronto schools