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Call for Volunteers

Several programs at Davisville P.S. rely on the help of parent volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to see how the school works, and help make our school even better.  If you have some spare time that you would like to share, we can currently use your help with the following:

SNACK PROGRAM: This program delivers healthy snacks to our children everyday, and is run completely by volunteers. If you have time between 9am-11am, there is an urgent need for more parents to help out preparing food & delivering the snack to all classes (great for kindergarten parents). If you can spare one morning a week, once a month, or are willing to come in when needed, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Anne Sasu.

November 1: Lice Check: The school has a lice check program run by a public health nurse, and they could use volunteers for the first check, November 1.  Contact the office if you would like to help.

Throughout the year, there will be a need for parent volunteers for many programs and activities. If you would like to volunteer but you’re not sure how, you can contact our new volunteer coordinator, Anne Sasu, using the form below, or talk to your child’s teacher or the principal.


Volunteers needed for Snack Program

Davisville PS runs a wonderful snack program that offers all students a nutritious snack every morning. The school’s new snack coordinator is committed to providing healthy, fresh snacks, with minimal packaging, preservatives, salt and sugar. However, fresh food and less packaging means more preparation. The teachers and teachers’ aides are working hard to provide these snacks, but more help is desperately needed to prepare, serve and clean up. If you are able to volunteer for one, two or even three hours, one morning a week, please contact the school office. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

School Council Election and Meeting Tonight!

Davisville/MTSD School Council elections take place this evening, Tuesday, September 27th, 6:45 – 8:00 PM! Babysitting will be provided and the meeting will take place in Toronto Lands Corporation Board Room, on the 3rd Floor of our school. It’s easy to find and signs will posted to guide you. Please use the center doors off the playground, labeled door 4, to enter the school. (These are the same doors we used to enter the school last Thursday for Curriculum Night after the Welcome Back BBQ).

Tonight’s the night to get involved! Even if you’re not sure you’re ready to join our school council, this evening’s meeting is a great opportunity to give us your ideas for events and activities for this school year.

If you’re interested in volunteering from time-to-time, come to the meeting this evening to talk with us about how you you can get involved. Your children and your school need your help.

School council includes parent volunteers, our principal, Tricia Boyce, a teacher rep, and staff, all of whom help to organize events and fun activities for our kids, help with the flow of information within the school community and do many other things throughout the school year.

Are you new to Davisville or MTSD this year? Please don’t let that stop you from getting involved! Our school can benefit from your experience and skills!

Great Ways to Help Your School

Are you wondering how you can participate in the Davisville-MTSD school community? We have some great ideas for you:

Pizza Lunch Coordinator: We’ve had really well-run pizza lunch program for the past few years (thanks Kimberly!) and we need someone to take it over this year. Here’s what’s involved: sending out order forms, creating class lists, ordering pizza, and coordinating volunteers to serve the pizza. This is a substantial fundraiser for us, the kids enjoy it, and parents appreciate not having to pack a lunch on those days. Sound like fun? We encourage you to step forward to take this on.

QSP Magazine Fundraiser: The parent running this (thank you Sherry!) may be in her last year at Davisville and needs someone who can help this year and carry this on next year. The work on this is concentrated on a two week period in October, where you’ll need to spend an hour or two in the school every day for those two weeks to gather and record orders, and hand out prizes. You will also be the contact for our QSP representative. This year our campaign begins on Tuesday, October 4th, and ends on Tuesday, October 18th. This is a big fundraiser for us, and one we’d like to be able to continue.

Scholastic Book Orders: This is a great way to get more books in our kids’ hands at a great price while helping the school. Our current coordinator (thanks Monique!) needs some help and she may be returning to work full-time. We need someone to learn the process now and be ready to take over if need be. This job entails overseeing the distribution of order catalogues, collecting orders, and distributing books.

Looking for more ideas: our school council elections and the first council meeting of this school year take place on Tuesday, September 27. School council coordinates many events and programs within the school and provides a helpful forum for communication between parents and school staff.

A parent self-nomination form was sent home with all students last Friday, September 9. You can download a copy here as well.

If you have any questions about any of these positions, please get in touch!

Parent involvement makes for a great school community. Join the many other parents already helping to make this school year a great one for all of us!

School Council Election

With the back to school (and back to work!) rush complete, now is a good time for all of us, as Davisville/MTSD parents, to take a moment to consider how we can involve ourselves in the life of the school this year. Your children and your school need your help.

School council elections and the first school council meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 27th, 6:45 – 8:00 PM

As our kids settle into their first week of the new school year, the important work done by parent volunteers also needs to begin. Parent volunteers are needed to organize events, help with fundraising, help with the flow of information within the school community and do many other things throughout the school year.

Our school council coordinates all of this volunteer work and we need new members to fill many of the positions this year. It has been said that “many hands make light work” and that is certainly the case with school council. Our parent community has been getting more and more active in recent years and we have a number of dedicated parents already getting involved this year. With your help, we can make this school year a great one for all of our kids.

There is one more reason that it is vital we have more parent involvement this year: at the end of May, the TDSB began a formal process intended to redevelop the Davisville school site. Parent and school community feedback is the first step in this process. This school year, important school redevelopment decisions will be made about what kind of school, playground and school neighbourhood we will have in the future.

Are you new to Davisville or MTSD this year? Please don’t let that stop you from getting involved! Our school can benefit from your experience and skills and we welcome your interest and contribution.

A note about the school council elections and a parent self-nomination form will be sent home with all students by Friday, September 9. It can also be downloaded here. Join us to help make this school year a great one for your child and the entire school community!