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A Safer Path to School

Last week Friday (September 26), a meeting took place at the Millwood opening of the path between Belsize Drive and Millwood Road. That might seem an odd place to hold a meeting, but the purpose was to resolve some long-standing safety issues at that very spot.

Problems were reviewed and challenges were discussed. Some great ideas came out of the discussion and decisions were made.

Best of all, work on the improvements began immediately and got into high gear yesterday!

It used to look like this...

ABOVE: It used to look like this…

Now it looks like this

Now it looks like this

But wait! There’s more to come, including a fixed barrier at the sidewalk edge, much like what we have now at the school’s playground exits.

We also understand a new tree will be planted to replace the half-dead one that had to come down.

This was all made possible by a collaboration between:

  • Our local City of Toronto traffic engineer
  • Davisville’s head caretaker and the TDSB’s maintenance manager
  • Our area’s Police Safety Officer
  • Principal Farrelly and Vice-Principal Schneider
  • And a couple of determined Davisville Parents, who did what they could to bring it all together…

We’ll soon have a safer path to school for those walking, scootering and biking from the north. A great outcome for all of us!